Forum Thread: 10 Killer Startup Ideas for Kickstarter

10 Killer Startup Ideas for Kickstarter

Whether it is a massive cooperative board game about survival in a nightmare-horror world or a remote control 3D printer, all projects have one thing in common - passion for innovation that will bridge the gap between technology and consumers.

Since the Kickstarter has been launched millions of contributors all over the world have introduced more than 340 000 projects hoping to raise funds and create mind-blowing products.

The sad truth is that the majority of products eventually don't gain enough funding for continuing the production, whereas the most successful ones reach six, seven, and even eight figures.

What is the secret of moving beyond the fundraising? Is it an actually good idea or a communication strategy? Frankly, there are a lot of factors that are vital to the success of your launch - starting from the product itself and the way you communicate the value to your backers. Putting aside all the PR and Marketing schemes, let's focus on the trendy ideas that can potentially bring you success.

Here are my personal top 10 ready-to-borrow project ideas:

1. Wireless Charging

The wireless charging market was valued at USD 509.9 Million in 2013 and is expected to grow by 60.26% between 2014 and 2020. Basically, wireless charger uses a loop of coiled wires around a bar magnet — which is known as an inductor. The most popular areas to use the wireless charging technology is mobile phones, health care, military, home, and design. Although it is not a groundbreaking technology this small and stylish device can gain a lot of attraction.

2. Smart Light

A smart light bulb that can adjust to the light level in a room is a genius way to lower your utility bill. Add a remote control from your smart device, apply a little creativity in design and such smart lamp bulbs can be a great fit for any lifestyle.

3. Shower Control System

How much water do you think you used during your last shower? Now it's time to make a simple and interactive solution that will engage people in tracking their water usage behavior. Furthermore, the key success factor to any startup is interactivity that can engage the entire family into the saving process in the form of a fun game.

Such a device seems to be a lot more interesting if connected with an app that can measure your savings and become a great competition for your kids.

4. Wearable Tracking Device for Kids

What can be worse than realizing that your child is missing? The GPS tracker is a perfect way to help parents solve this problem and always keep track of their children. What if to go further and create an enhanced version of a traditional GPS tracker? The main drawback of any GPS tracker is that it is limited to detecting the location of a child. Make sure that it updates the location every 10 seconds and has an additional lock feature for better security.

5. Smart Home Firewall

Despite the growing popularity of smart home devices most of them fail to encrypt communications to the Internet and do not require strong passwords. There are plenty of solutions for computers and smartphones whereas smart TVs, home appliances, and lockers remain unprotected. According to Gartner 25, bn connected devices will be in use by 2020. Such expectations naturally bring up a lot of concerns and reshape the overall approach to smart home security.

6. Personal Assistant

Are smart machines about to run the world? Unlikely in the near future, but they can be perfect personal assistants. Smart home devices can connect to the laptop via Bluetooth and do whatever you ask them: stream music to your phone, tune into the radio, be your hands-free personal kitchen assistant, read your audiobooks or even order a pizza. There is a lot to explore in this field. Go ahead!

7. Smart Locker

Smart lock is one of the most valuable things in the connected home: it can allow a user to monitor when the door is open, who is entering the house, give special rights to friends and family and even more. There are a lot of new features such as voice activation and auto-locking that can be added to the device to make it more secure.

8. Pocket-Sized Diet Advisor

How much do we actually know about the food we eat, the pills we take or the water we drink? The pocket-sized spectrometer that will identify the ingredients and calculate the calories in the meal is a dream of every health conscious consumer. Connecting it with a diet app and you can make a personal nutrition advisor.

9. New Game

Unsurprisingly, the most successfully funded projects on a Kickstarter are games. People love entertainment and always invest in it without any reason. Whether it is a tabletop or a mobile game there are good chances to gather funding.

10. Think About Technology as a Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

The last but not the least that should be considered before finding the idea for your new Kickstarter campaign is following the so-called "problem and solution" pattern. Just ask your grandmother what is the most irritating thing she experiences in her daily routine, and how it can be fixed. Surprisingly, but your family members can happen to be the best creative team that can come up with a ready-to-borrow idea.

Never stop pushing yourself creatively and you will definitely achieve success.

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