Forum Thread: How to Keep Yourself Safe from Hackers

This how to is to help you keep yourself protected from becoming hacked. With 91% of cyber attacks starting with email you have to be keep yourself safe.

Step 1: Create a Strong Password

Everything is accessible online now. From streaming movies to all of your bank accounts. Your first line of defense is a strong password.

Step 2: Keep Your Password Safe

Having a strong password doesn't help if everyone knows it. So be sure to keep your password safe!

Step 3: Protect Your Inbox

We've all gotten those emails from people saying they are princes or government officials who want to send us lots of money for free.

In a similar way a hacker could send you an email with attachments that when opened can really hurt your computer.

Step 4: Careful What Information You Share

It only takes a split second to forward an email to the wrong person OR even worse forwarding important information like credit card numbers or passwords.

Want More Tips?

Check out the rest of the tips and discussion on how people are keeping themselves safe from hackers.

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