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QUESTION: Why are you changing the name?
RESPONSE: Just over a month ago, I wanted to make my own blog.  I wanted to help as many people as possible.  The problem was, I wanted to get the blog off its feet as fast as possible.  I didn't put in much thought about the name
Just wanted to get my first article out there which happened to be a security based article.  However - you may have noticed that my articles have ranged from security to networking to performance issues and so on.  I have now spent some time thinking and have come to the conclusion that I will change the sites name to Wired Storm Technologies.

QUESTION: What does the new sites name mean?
RESPONSE: Basically, Wire means "all things connected" (e.g. network), Storm can mean "power" or "hack" while Techologies fills in the rest.  

QUESTION: Does this mean you intend to cease all security and privacy based articles?
RESPONSE: No.  I intend on doing many more privacy and security based articles over time.  

QUESTION: Is this site intended just for advanced computer users?
RESPONSE: No.  Expect articles at all technical levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced).  

QUESTION: Why did you move worlds?
RESPONSE: I moved worlds as it is no possible to change our URLs.  URLs and site names should always match to prevent confusion.  It would be odd having the websites name as "Wire Storm Technologies" and the URL saying  So that is why I have changed the site sub-domain. 

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