How To: Find Out Who Unfriended You on Facebook

Find Out Who Unfriended You on Facebook

How many Facebook friends do you have? The average person on Facebook has around 140 friends while some hit the ridiculous Facebook friend limit of 5,000. Facebook states that its services are for people you know in person. I don't think anyone has 5,000 friends in person, do you? Personally, I don't even think Megan Fox has 5,000 friends in person, so how could any regular person have that many? But that's beside the point. 

There is no doubt you probably see apps on Facebook claiming to reveal who has unfriended you. I bet you 99% of those apps are malware of some kind. The last thing you want to do is infect your computer, so how about an external script? Something that comes from a reputable site that you can insert into your browser? Wire Storm Technologies recommends Unfriend Finder for Grease Monkey.  


How to Install

First, ensure you have one of the above browsers and make sure they are up-to-date. The next step is to install Grease Monkey, restart the browser, go to Unfriend Finder, and click on the "Install" button. You might have to restart your browser again, so do that and re-log in to Facebook. It really is that simple! No spyware, no malware; 100% clean and safe script. 

The first thing you will notice is a new bar on the top next to "home", "find friends", and your profile name. When someone deletes you or they delete their profile, the "Unfriends" bar will have a red bubble on top of it with the number of announcements. When you click it, it will come up with a list of people who have removed you as a friend or removed their profile. This script supports HTTPS so everything you do will be encrypted. 

I did an experiment with a friend and here are some photos of what happens when someone removes you.

(1) Notifcation pop-up as it happens. , (2) Someone who unfriended me. You can also see your pending requests.

  Front page image via Bourn Creative

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Does this work with the new Facebook Timeline update?

Yes. I have tested it on the Facebook Timeline update and it appears to work fine.

Interesting, now I can know who to Hate... ha ha ha... Just Kidding...

Lol very very interesting... Hmm ... ;)

i will try this lol morning

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