Forum Thread: Ultimate list of FREE Windows software

I plan on making a big list of software that will work on a Windows machine.  It will eventually be huge!  But in order for it to become big we must work as a community and share all our free favorite programs.  Rules:
- The same program cannot be mentioned more than once;
- ALL programs must be free in order to advertise it here;
- The links and programs must be free;
- All programs on here must be 100% legal.  Encryption is an exception - but everyone must find find out whether it is legal in their country prior to using it.

In addition to the above, we must all adhere WHT Terms & Conditions.  People who are caught breaking the rules will have their post(s) deleted.  Continuing to break the rules will result in you being banned from our world. 

For each program - please provide a link to the home page/download page and give a brief explanation what it is about.

ASCII Generator -  this program turns your photographs into text.  It is a great tool to use when someone wants to know what you look like but you don't like providing clear images over the internet.

Axcrypt - great security based tool.  It will let you encrypt files with a password and securely shred your documents.

Baseline Security Analyzer - Microsoft made tool that analyzes your Windows system for potential security problems.

Bookit Removal Tool - advanced malware removal program.  It is designed specifically at removing bookits.  

Calibre - fantastic eBook management system.

CCleaner - Probably the best free cleaning tool in the world. 

D7 - system administrator tool - not to be used for beginners or intermediate IT people.

DBAN - Giving away your computer? Don't risk identity theft! Run this tool to securely wipe the entire system. 

CSET - This tool is more aimed at government IT managers in nucular sort of positions as they are often hacked.  This tool was set up by the Dept. Homeland Security to analyze the current workplace dangers and how they can improve.  It will generate a PDF at the end - well worth a read for those interested!

EMET - Microsoft Hardening Tool.  

Everything - Lost something on your messy computer?  This tool will find it.  Amazing program and everyone should have it.  I've even used it to see what files are left over in the system when deleting programs.

FeedDeomon - Alternative to Google Reader - not everyone likes being tracked by Google.

Firefox - the best web-browser out there. Comes with so many configurations.  It is fast, secure and reliable with thousands of add-ons.    

Foxit reader - alternative to Adobe Reader.  I recommend installing this one and removing Adobe as this one is less prone to attacks.  

ICSI Netalyzr - very advanced network analyzer that will pick up many issues in your network.  

JonDo - This program is equal to TOR  (well, almost).  Well worth a look at.  Basically what it makes you anonymous online.  It removes your IP address. 

KeyScrambler - Time to put an end to the key-loggers.  Install this and even when your computer becomes infected with a key-logger, it won't be able to figure out what you're typing.  It will come out gibberish on there end.  

Windows 7 Log-on Screen Tweaker - change your log on screens photo with this great tool.

MailStore - Great place to store all your emails from as many inboxes as you want.

Malwarebytes - an on-demand scanner that everyone should have. 

Microsoft Expression Encoder - has a great free version that lets you record what you are doing on the desktop for 10 minutes at a time. 

Sandboxie - runs the browser in a secure sandbox so viruses and malware cannot escape onto your real system.  

RED - this tool removes empty dictionaries on the system.  In example - all those empty folders.  The first time I scanned my system it picked up over 1,600 folders!  But be careful not to delete important files (e.g. system folders that are marked as blue).

Secunia - the best tool to use to ensure your system is up-to-date and has the latest security patches.  It also scans thousands of individual software not related to Microsoft.  

Rainmeter - Do you want to customise how your desktop looks? Then this is the best place to check out.  

Notepad++ - good alternative to the Microsoft's inbuilt notepad. 

K9 Web-protection - great tool for parents to install on their children's computers to stop them accessing objectionable content. 

TrueCrypt - an advanced encryption program.  This is a must have for anyone who travels with their computers.  

SlimDrivers - this tool is Microsoft Gold Certified.  This tool checks to see whether all your drivers are up-to-date and whether you need to install new ones.  When you have finished a scan you can manually choose which one(s) to update and/or install.

VirtualBox - great for testing out new programs before deploying them in a real environment. 

Norton Identity Safe Beta - The best free online credential manager to store passwords and notes.

Mozilla Firefox ESR - This is almost exactly the same as Firefox, except it has less updates.  This version is for businesses. 

Combofix - great tool for the professionals that helps them find malware on the operating system.

Norton Power Eraser - this is considered a "rescue tool".  When your computer becomes so infected that even normal antiviruses cannot remove it - this is a great solution to removing the crimeware. 

SRWare - an alternative to Google Chrome.  Respects your privacy and has good security. 

OpenDNS - an alternative to your provided DNS server. 

Comodo Secure DNS - this is another great DNS server that you may use.

That's it for now.  I hope you like the list! Expect it to grow over time.  Now it is time for you to do your part and post a few links to some good free software. 

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4 Responses

This list is off to a great start, here are my recommendations that I put on nearly any Windows computer that needs my help.

Avast Antivirus Home Edition : The home version of this great AV is perfect for everyone it has auto-sandboxing and is fast, will near no false positives.

Comodo Firewall : The best free firewall to date, it will block anything and is more advanced than windows firewall.

VLC : One of the best video and media players to date, it has almost every codec needed to play any media file, wither it be MKV, MOV, MP4, or even mp3 and WAV.

Thanks for sharing Matthew.  I couldn't agree more with VLC media player - it is a must have.  Light on resources and attacked less often than the built-in media player (Windows)

No problem, I just love VLC I actually also install it on every machine OS I can use it on so, Linux, Linux, Linux, Windows, Linux.

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